Skyline 304-PARA-1

Avoid unsightly J-hook mounts with our new solution that virtually disappears into a building’s roof line!

Introducing the Skyline 304-PARA-1—the first parapet camera arm made from #304 stainless steel! This mounting solution simply beats all others in its class with powerful features and aesthetics including, a clean, low profile design that blends into an elevation view preserving the look envisioned by your architect, weather-proof #304 brushed stainless steel, fully enclosed construction to prevent intrusion from unwanted pests, easily serviceable 180° retractable locking arm, compatibility with a wide variety of camera shapes and styles using a standard 1.5" NPT coupling, and easy installation with cable pass clearance, multiple removable access panels, and pre-drilled mounting holes, this unique mounting solution is truly in a class by itself!

The Skyline 304-PARA-1 is the first product in a new Skyline 304 Series of products by Pedestal PRO to meet the growing demand to mount cameras and surveillance equipment in better ways.


  • Low profile design blends into a buildings roof line, maintaining aesthetics.
  • Sturdy materials including a 1/2" base plate and 11-gauge tube.
  • Withstands hurricane force winds in excess of 150mph.
  • #304 stainless steel with brushed, #4 finish.
  • Easily serviceable using a handle and removable hitch pin to rotate the arm upwards 180°
  • Standard 1-1/2" NPT coupling to fit a wide variety of dome cameras and housings
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Easy to install with cable pass clearance, removable access panels, and pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Priced competitively

Custom options available:This item can be slightly modified if you have special needs - simply call us and ask to speak with a Sales Engineer. We also provide free CAD design support if you need a full custom design.

We are available for orders or questions!